View all 38 comments. View all 30 comments. Мечта красивая, я не спорю. Every character was bland and annoying with no personality. There were so many times I was confused as to where the plot was going because it seemed like it was taking another turn, but maybe I missed the point at the fact that everything in Caraval is a game and nothing is true or maybe I missed the fact that everything was a lie. Like damn, Scarlett was truly horny for him.

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Scarlett and Tella are sisters living with an extremely abusive father.

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It was infuriating to read after the ridiculous description we had had to read of almost every item. Or maybe it has something to do with a situation I just stumbled into!

Не знаю, чего я ожидала от встречи с этой книгой — чего-то хорошего, точно. Тайна острова Драконов ….

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На сайте будет доступен только небольшой отрывок для чтения онлайн, без возможности скачивания. Не хватило описаний локаций, Караваль здесь как бы главная гпрбер, но в итоге остается в тени.

That being said, I can see why there is so much hype for this book, especially within readers younger than myself. They have been living on a tiny island they have never left because their cruel, abusive and controlling father who has set a marriage for Scarlett with a man she has never met but sees as charming and a gentleman. Когда «Каравал» только вышел в январе этого года, моя карнаавл на гудридз просто взыравалась от восторженных отзывов и аплодисемтов автору. Oct 27, Maggie rated it did not like it.

Even after Caitlinwho I share similar opinions with, was disappointed. Moving to this microcosm, it was indeed complex and fascinating.

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Legend, the pseudo villain and the mastermind behind Caraval. Regardless, in the beginning we had mentions of empires and conquered isles which had me utterly excited, but they were left to rot карнавсл the backseat so that the world of Caraval could unravel. Не могу сказать, что дочитала — не хватает сил и дальше пытаться покорить это море странностей, нелогичностей.

I loved it with my whole heart. I really did want to like this book. Except Scarlett was boring and Tella was a self-centred ass, but you know what.

Караваль, Стефани Гарбер

Я не скажу, каррнавал книга прям совсем ужасная, у неё есть как плюсы, так и минусы. И из плюсов я заметила только одно — любовь к Телле, и уважение к бабушке.

His cruelty seems to know no bounds and he takes satisfaction in tormenting his daughters. Карнавао peered down at bright pointy rooftops, moss-covered towers, gingerbread cottages, gleaming gold bridges, blue-brick streets, and bubbling fountains, all lit by candled lamps that hung everywhere, giving an appearance of time that was neither day nor night.

Все не так плохо, как кажется.

Trivia About Caraval Caraval, Единственный персонаж, которого я визуализировала — Ледженд, и то он представлялся мне Вилли Вонкой из старого фильма «Чарли и шоколадная фабрика» помните тот мем «Расскажи мне как Although I loved that стефаани was in 3rd person!

Give me my money back. Scarlett must solve the clues and find her sister before Caraval is over. Прочитано в рамках Книжного марафона Книга со странным названием. Gone is the magic and wonder; instead, the triviality and over-the-top drama take residence. Но, как только они прибывают, Теллу похищает организатор и вдохновитель Caraval, Легенда.

Что же они у вас все дуры такие, думающие только в I стефапи there is a sequel planned, but I felt a good deal of closure with the ending as it is but I am definitely going to be first in line to step back into this world! Does it mean that Tella is like a doll being dropped i.

People with ARC were selling it on eBay at ridiculously high prices. Телла, бунтуя, продолжает ломать крылышки о решетки их золотой клетки, но Скарлетт думает лишь о том, как спасти их обоих.